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Im unoffically back?

Hey guys! I know I have had a long hiatus but I was so busy this summer. So lets start.. This summer:
- I graduated with my associates in science! Yaaaa BOY!
- Transferred to a 4-year college .. !
-Worked two jobs to fund my tuition for college
- Volunteered at my local rescue squad

LOL so thats the summary of my summer vaca. School has offically started for me last week and Im loving it. I have made alot of changes for future but I will write about that in my next post!

Thanks for staying with me,

Until Zimmerman is Convicted


I see nothing to be excited about.

That long overdue arrest did not excite me in the slightest and this second degree murder charge has as many loopholes as that damn stand your ground law.

Whether or not he is found guilty I STRONGLY suggest we organize a national cop-watch organization. Yall go ahead and watch the neighborhood.

Imma watch YOU.

My teacher sent me an article ( which included a video about how students perceive lecture presentation and if they think they are effective in the class room.

Here is an excerpt:

"PowerPoint is boring. Student attention spans are short. Today many facts pop up with a simple Google search. And plenty of free lectures by the world’s greatest professors can be found on YouTube.

Is it time for more widespread reform of college teaching?

This series explores the state of the college lecture, and how technologies point to new models of undergraduate education.”

Check it out. I also included the video I submitted.

Signing out,

Broke,Black,and in College